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Board Visits Melbourne Freight Terminal and Slag Grinding Mill

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The Geotech Group Board of Directors recently visited two of our key projects at Melbourne Freight Terminal in West Melbourne (Coleman Rail) and Slag Grinding Mill in Yarraville (John Beever Australia).

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Coleman Rail is currently undertaking Stage 2 works on the Melbourne Freight Terminal Redevelopment Project for Pacific National, which is scheduled for practical completion on 3 September 2015. Stage 2 works entail:

  • The duplication of an existing track (Coke Rd) into a new broad gauge line (Transfer Rd), to assist in the transfer of steel between standard gauge and broad gauge trains with the use of reach stackers. This will enable BlueScope Steel’s trains from South Australia to travel to BlueScope at Hastings (and vice versa), through the Melbourne Freight Terminal;
  • Pavement upgrades generally to the north of the terminal to assist in Freight Terminal driver and operator driveability;
  • The construction of the Steel Products Area, to assist with the relocation of BlueScope Steel Operations from the Melbourne Steel Terminal (where the lease has expired), to the Melbourne Freight Terminal. The works involve the construction of a 1,000m² all-weather protection facility shed, for the storage of steel products;
  • Installation of a new above ground fire main and service utility run along the Dynon Rd boundary, over a 1.3km length;
  • Construction of a new 6,800m² pavement area for driver parking; and
  • Terminal entry reconfigurations, including new traffic warning lights and a roundabout for the main entrance, between Gates 1-6.

Stage 1 works are also still underway, with practical completion forecast for 26 October 2015. These works entail the construction of the remaining 50% of Crane Rail to complete the 723m Gantry Length, as well as 40% of the remaining container buffer pavements.

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The Board was given a presentation by Project Manager, Nic Tribonias, before undertaking a site walk to view the new Rail Mounted Gantry Cranes in full operation, and to gain a better understanding of tasks currently at hand onsite.


Meanwhile, John Beever Australia has just started commissioning their works at the Slag Grinding Mill project for Steel Cement. The new Vertical Roller Mill and associated equipment in Yarraville is a replica of the existing plant in Port Melbourne, with the replica required so the land in Port Melbourne can be reclaimed to provide ships using the port with a bigger turning circle.

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Steel Cement General Manager, Alan Dow, gave the Board a presentation that detailed the history of the site and an overview of the project to date. That was followed by a site walk with Project Manager, Grant Case.

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Part of the Board’s visit included Safety Assessment Spot Checks, regularly carried out by Senior Management across the Group to help ensure that the workforce is conducting itself safely.

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