APA Winchelsea Gas Compressor Station Mechanical, E&I and Pipeline Construction

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John Beever Australia is due to complete works at APA GasNet’s Winchelsea Gas Compressor Station. 

APA is Australia's largest transporter of natural gas, delivering approximately half of Australia's annual gas use through its infrastructure. The Winchelsea Compressor Station will improve efficiency and provide greater capacity for gas supply to Melbourne. 

The project scope involved the successful installation of a single Solar Taurus 60S/C-402 Gas Turbine Natural Gas Compressor Unit Skid, ancillary equipment and oil cleaning and Type B gas audit inspection was also included in the scope. 

Upon installation, the Winchelsea Station consists of a skid-mounted gas turbine driven compressor unit with associated equipment and utility areas that connect to the Iona Main Supply Gas Pipeline.

The project will help maximise APA’s pipeline efficiency. 

The construction only project commenced in July 2014 and involved a combination of mechanical and civil works including:

  • Assembly and installation of after-cooler unit, filter separators, valves and ancillary skids
  • Fabrication of all station pipework in accordance with ASME B31.1 and AS2885 requirements of diameter up to 600NB XS
  • Assembly and installation of instrument air, hazardous area electrical installation and instrumentation
  • Installation of the 3km DN540 pipeline
  • Design, fabrication and installation of site buildings.

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The project team raised to the project challenges, mostly generated by tight deadlines and wet weather. The final tie into the main gas pipeline was conducted over a three-day isolation during which time, gas supply to Melbourne was diverted via a smaller pipeline. 

All major fabrication of the pipework was completed offsite at the John Beever fabrication and jobbing workshop in Sunshine. This ensured that the cutting of pipeline was exact to allow for the expansion and retraction commonly caused by fluctuating weather conditions. The initiative, driven by the John Beever project team, accelerated works by four weeks.

John Beever Construction Manager, Jay Furniss, has been overseeing the assembly and installation of the compressor unit and associated pipework over the past six months. 

“We had to come up with alternative construction methodologies and new techniques to combat the challenges that arose during the project.

“For example, we used a 3D Auto-plant Piping Model to fabricate 96% of pipework offsite, reducing over 100 field fit welds. We also took the initiative to lift the long pipeline lengths with an excavator arrangement rather than a standard method. 

“The dedication of the supervisors, personnel and subcontractors was unparalleled. Getting the job done within the set timeframe required them to work in some difficult conditions and it was all achieved with zero injuries, zero major non-compliance and zero improvement reports from ESV,” said Jay.

The Winchelsea Gas Compressor Station is set to be commissioned and operating on time and on budget, achieving all project objectives. This includes client satisfaction, with APA recognising John Beever’s safety record with a Zero Hero Award. 

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