Veolia Indirect Thermal Desorption Unit (ITDU) Installation

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In January of 2014, John Beever Australia (JBA) was engaged by Veolia as the principal contractor for the installation of an Indirect Thermal Desorption Unit (ITDU).

Located in Melbourne’s west, at Veolia’s Brooklyn Liquid Treatment Plant, the ITDU consists of a vacuum drying unit specialised in the treatment of industrial wastes, through the extraction and recovery of resources such as oils and solids for re-use and recycling.

The Brooklyn Liquid Treatment plant specialises in chemical stabilisation of Prescribed Industrial Waste (PIW). The facility currently accepts approximately 45 million litres of liquid, solid and packaged waste annually, producing around 15,000 to 20,000 tonnes of solid PIW. The installation of the ITDU will result in the diversion of this PIW from landfill to beneficial reuse.

As part of the installation of the ITDU, JBA role as principal contractor included:

  • Site project management Civil Works - Design and Construct
  • Site infrastructure upgrades required for the installation - Design and Construct
  • Installations of the ITDU (supplied by econ Industries)
  • Site Interfaces – Design and Installation.

This included the demolition of an existing building followed by the earthworks, preparation, supply and erection of the new ITDU building and West Sludge Shed Extension. The installation required an upgrade of the existing site infrastructure, including the Jemena HV Substation upgrade and the supply of HV cabling to the new plant. The site upgrades had minimal impact on the ongoing daily operations through efficient scheduling and overnight works to reduce any interference.

JBA was faced with the complex task of installing the ITDU, the first of its kind for Veolia. The pre-fabricated plant, supplied by econ Industries in Germany, arrived in 45 individual containers. The installation involved a 14 week turnaround that required the transportation, unpacking and assembly of the plant. Some of this was undertaken at the JBA workshops due to weather conditions.

Project Manager for the ITDU Installation, Julia McCarthy, was elated by the success of the project.

“The project has gone according to plan, the client is happy and I had a great team that worked well together.

“Assembling the bunkers and conveyors offsite within the JBA workshops not only helped to speed up the process but it effectively managed the OHS risk factors associated with welding in wet and windy conditions on site.

“It’s great to see the project advancing from the civil works into the commissioning and testing phase of the project,” Julia said.

The ITDU Installation met all project deliverables and will be completed on time by January 2015. Provisional on-going maintenance is expected to be awarded to JBA, a result of client engagement and satisfaction.

This project was made possible through the support of the Haz Waste Fund.

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