Evaporators in at Veolia's ITDU Plant

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jba winchelsea ms 001

John Beever Australia recently completed an important large lift at Veolia's Brooklyn Thermal Desorption Plant.

The Indirect Thermal Desorption Unit (ITDU) was purchased from a German supplier and delivered in modular format.  With over forty containers of plant and steelwork received and installed, the two Evaporators formed the heart of the plant.

With a replacement value of over $2m each, each evaporator weighs 38T, and was installed into position with two valves and their motor pre-installed, which resulted in a lift of 40.4T each.

The successful installation of the Evaporators formed a significant milestone in the delivery and installation of the ITDU Plant for Veolia.


jba winchelsea ms 001

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