Ray McCann

Managing Director

Ray is the Managing Director of John Beever Australia following his appointment to the Geotech Group in July 2014. An executive engineer with over 40 years experience in the Australian Construction industry, Ray held senior operations positions with Leighton Contractors Pty Limited for 19 years before joining John Beever Australia. Prior to his experience at Leighton, Ray was employed by John Holland Engineering Pty Limited as General Manager of the Energy and Resources Division. Ray’s responsibilities include a full spectrum of duties from the general corporate governance issues to the motivation and mentoring of the staff and workforce that make up the John Beever Australia workforce. Ray is passionate about imbuing the company with a service culture that will result in a sustainable future distinguished by performance, innovation and excellence.

Jose Sorto

Construction Manager

Jose has extensive experience in overseeing and controlling project management, team management, logistics and general site operations. Since completing his Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering in 2004, he has worked on a series of major projects delivering high-end project management, operations and risk management. Jose’s process driven approach has seen him deliver quality solutions and performance across a number of key major projects. He is employed by JBA as a Senior Project Manager and provides expertise in planning, execution and management as well as day-to-day operational requirements.

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